Why you should NOT eat Baby Carrots

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Why you should NOT eat Baby Carrots

Baby Carrots
As we all know Carrots are one the best foods we can eat, but here’s a really important question for you…. Do you know where “baby carrots” come from? They don’t come out of the ground looking the way they do when you get them in the neat little zipper-locked baggies you find in the grocery store. What happens during the harvesting is that, a number of the full-sized carrots that get pulled from the ground break in the process, or they may be deformed, or “runts” (not big enough).The producers know they can’t sell you a bag full of half broken vegetables, or ones that look deformed or too stubby. Rather than wasting them, they simply find a way to “pretty them up” and sell them to you differently; the result baby carrot.These broken or deformed carrots get shaved down to the cute little pieces we’re used to snacking on. Did you ever wonder why they look so perfect? They didn’t grow that way.Unfortunately, because we’re now dealing with massive industrialized food production, harmful bacteria can enter the scene. In order to “protect” us from these potentially pathogenic bacteria, the food manufacturers will soak them in BLEACH.Yes you read that correctly: THEY SOAK BABY CARROTS IN BLEACH.First, bleach is not something that is natural to the body. The body views it as toxic waste that needs to be immediately DETOXIFIED from your system. You’re probably working hard to get your metabolism in high gear so you have the energy to burn fat and lose weight. What’s happening though is that your body will redirect the energy away from fat burning and point it toward the goal of getting the chemicals out of your system!If your body can’t detox all the chemicals you’re ingesting, it feels the need to protect your vital organs from them. To create this protection, it will take the chemicals and stuff them into your fat cells! The baby carrots you have been eating can actually contribute to your Fat Gain.

The carrot is not the enemy! It’s the mass produced “food production” we need to steer clear of; It’s not Whole Foods that’s the problem it’s what’s been Done to the Food!

Chemicals in processed foods (preservatives, pesticides etc.) may slow our metabolism and sabotage weight loss.

When you go to the store, reach for the bag of Full sized, organic carrots. All you need to do is chop them up! You’ll find that they taste better and are usually sweeter than their bleach-soaked “baby” relatives.


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