Think Salt if you want to be Healthy!

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Think Salt if you want to be Healthy!

natural salt

If you pay even a little attention to mainstream media, you are told that a healthy diet means eating foods that are low in bad fats, sugar, salt and limiting processed foods that are laden with all 3.

I totally agree! When it comes to processed food, bad fats, sugar, and salt are bad news. Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of refined sodium in restaurant foods. However, there is a HUGE difference between how our bodies respond to processed table salt versus mineral-rich, naturally harvested salts.

We have feared salt for so long that the thought of any salt being healthful can be a tough one to wrap your head around. Think about salt like sugar. Processed, white sugar or high fructose corn syrups has been stripped of all its natural vitamins and minerals, which makes it a “fake food” and unhealthy for human consumption.

However, natural sugars found in an apple, or even whole sugarcane are beneficial for everything from brain function to gut health. Why? Because they have not been separated from their natural vitamins and minerals. Whole foods are healthy foods.

Same goes for salt. Processed salt, such as sodium chloride, table salt, or kosher salt has been stripped of its nutrients—mainly trace minerals—and only sodium and sometimes iodine remain. However, naturally harvested, unprocessed Himalayan pink salt, for example, has been left in its whole state and is rich in trace minerals. Salt, in its natural state, is a balanced, healthful food.

Have you noticed, you stick to real food at home as much as possible, but every now and then you have some chips, or you eat out, and then do you notice your reaction to high sodium foods is similar to that of sugary foods. You want MORE, and start bouncing off the walls to get it. Putting sugar and salt together, like in kettle corn, is a recipe for a melt down!

Here are some salt basics. Salt is an electrolyte that helps with lots of bodily functions including, maintaining fluid balance, smooth muscle control, proper hydration levels, and blood pressure to name a few. Just like sugar (or any food really) salt should be consumed in moderation.

A lot of people don’t realize natural salt is—thanks to those trace minerals—naturally saltier tasting than plain old table salt; so you use a lot less. Obviously if you have a heart condition and are supposed to be on a low-sodium diet check with your practitioner before changing anything.

That said a lot of people think natural salt is too expensive or too hard to find. This was true even five years ago but now…not so much. Natural sea salt can be found at about the same price as table salt, and if you want to go a step further pink salt can be purchased for a bargain at Costco, Whole Foods or even online.

It really is quite affordable when you look at all its health benefits.

So, which type of naturally-harvested salt should you buy? Branch out and try a few different types. As long as it’s not table salt, or dead sea salt (which is too high in bromide). I am partial to the Himalayan pink salt because of its high amounts of cell-healthy trace minerals…and the flavor is just unbeatable.

Branch out and try different salts!

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