In March I was admitted to the ER at Loyola University Medical Center and returned home in April. I was diagnosed with liver disease. In June a liver biopsy was performed and at this time the doctor indicated that I was now at the top of the list for a liver transplant.
In May I began seeing Dr. Knowski with a myriad of problems ranging from headaches, muscle cramps, sleep disturbance, fatigue, yellowing of the skin and eyes, bruising, thinning hair, fatigue, just mention a few.
Dr. Knowski has treated me with chiropractic and nutritional expertise along with intense caring. This treatment plan has turned things around to such a degree that the results of the monthly blood tests show constant improvement and this has been noted by the liver specialist
Since working with Dr. Knowski the headaches are gone, sleep is regular and restful, thought process and memory are back to normal. My hair has filled back in and is very healthy. Itchy skin is gone, the dryness is gone. There are no longer bleeding or severe bruising problems. Sexual desire has returned. My skin and eyes are healthy looking and actually get better weekly.
This incredible improvement has taken place in just 6 months. I feel that I am at the point or very close to it of being able to say that I believe a transplant is not necessary and I am not going to have one. I highly recommend chiropractic therapy to help anyone with any of an amazing variety of problems. I cannot express my thanks enough to Dr. Knowski for all that she has done for me and continues to do.

My daughter Kathleen had just turned 4 years old when we first came to see Dr. Linda Knowski. Katie had been suffering since she was 2 years old with continuous episodes of a chronic cough, a continuous sniffle, fatigue and breathing problems.
The medical doctors we had been taking her to treated Katie for 2 years with continuous antibiotic therapy along with steroids and other asthma/allergy related medications. Nothing worked and we were not getting anywhere with the pediatricians or allergists. We began to be dismissed and told there was no problem.
In November Dr. Knowski started Katie on a nutritional program on a Thursday. The following Sunday we were taking a family drive when my husband and I realized that Katie was not coughing and, most of all, not sniffling. For the first time in 2 years we did not hear the annoying constant sniffle that haunted us daily.
Katie continued the nutritional program and we were able to determine a food allergy that she had. Dr. Knowski advised us on how to treat this food allergy. In addition, Katie received weekly manipulations which contributed to her increased energy levels and overall better disposition.
The treatments, both chiropractic and nutritional, provided by Dr. Linda Knowski have not been difficult for Katie at all. Dr. Knowski has made sure that Katie understood everything along the way. If it was not for Dr. Linda Knowski, I am sure we would still have had Katie on all of the useless medications that the pediatricians and specialists had her on that never worked. We would not have answers nor any change in Katie’s condition. Dr. Linda Knowski took the time to actually care about my daughter
We were an active part of our daughters care from beginning to end. Both of my daughters now receive regular chiropractic manipulations and take daily supplements. They are both healthier than they have ever been. This family owes a great deal to Dr. Linda Knowski. She is a doctor who cares enough to find the answers and treat the problems.

I have struggled with allergies all my life. After working with Dr. Linda I experienced almost instantaneous relief! It took time but with patience and perseverance I was able to stop using the allergy medication completely alleviating the fear of becoming drug dependent as well as concerns I had about side effects and drug interactions. Soon the itchy eyes and difficulty breathing were gone. I am now able to have a cat in my life. Dr. Linda is very knowledgeable and passionate about her approach. I can’t praise her enough!

My son’s doctor sent us to the Tree of Life Health Center about a year ago. Working with Dr. Linda has resulted in improved health for my son as well as an education for me. The non-invasive testing and the easy to take homeopathic remedies are wonderful.
Dr. Linda’s ability to find and address the underlying issues my son was having has been key to improving my son’s health. This is something that a typical MD could not have done. Dr. Linda is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She is very patient, and because she is a mother herself understands the stresses and needs of her patients. I have recommended Dr. Linda to my friends, and none of them have been disappointed.

My son had been diagnosed with ADHD, and anxiety. I was overwhelmed and frustrated knowing I did not want to put drugs into my nine year olds body. A friend told me about Dr. Linda at the Tree of Life Health Center, I called and made an appointment. From that day, we started our journey towards the holistic path of healing. Dr. Linda guided us through the process of understanding “homotoxicology”. My son is a different child now; it took patience and understanding to go through this process. I know now it was the right decision as he is living a normal and healthy life. Thank you Dr. Linda. You changed our lives.

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