BioEnergetic Assessment

BioEnergetic Assessment

What is BioEnergetic Assessment?
BioEnergetic Assessment is a non-invasive method of assessing the energetic pathways, or meridians, of the body that are traditionally associated with particular organs and systems.

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At the Tree of Life Health Center, Dr. Linda is able to utilize BioEnergetics to create a protocol specific to you individual health needs. This analysis is the essential first step to create your personalized individual wellness program.

Our BioEnergetic Assessment is an out-growth of extensive research performed in Germany in the early 1950’s by Dr. Reinhold Voll, a medical doctor and acupuncturist. His research into the electro- magnetic range of the body led him to note that a controlled, micro-electric current could provide feedback from the organs and different systems. Voll theorized that energy readings higher than normal signify an acute inflammatory condition and lower readings relate to degenerative tissue damage. Current research is confirming the fact that chronic, unresolved inflammation does in fact lead to tissue and organ degeneration. BioEnergetic Assessment provides information into a wide range of puzzling health-related problems, offering a perspective complementary to biochemistry based medicine.

The BEA process is one of the most exciting tools in the field of integrative health care because of its flexibility in identifying a specific and wide range of energetic imbalances. We are exposed daily to toxic influences such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds and fungi, pesticides, vaccinations, heavy metals, food additives and industrial pollutants. Once these influences are identified, your BEA practitioner will assist you in establishing a customized program of nutritional, botanical and/or homeopathic remedies designed for your individual needs, as well as recommend supportive therapies.

How Does it BioEnergetic Assessment Work?

BioEnergetic Assessment utilizes a computer based instrument which measures the energetic patterns of each organ and system in the body through the acupuncture points on the hands and feet and gives indication of the degree of inflammation, degeneration or level of stress present. Once these energetic imbalances have been isolated, the BEA can then be used to assist your practitioner in the creation of an individual healing strategy for restoring an energetic balance in the body.

The value of the BEA should not be underestimated. Health imbalances may present themselves in the electromagnetic field before they manifest as physical symptoms. BEA is an essential first step in creating your personal wellness program.

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