One of My Must Haves for Good Health

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One of My Must Haves for Good Health


There is mounting evidence that adding probiotics to your diet will boost your immune system and aid with your digestion. Did You Know we have become 90% bacteria and 10% cells? We have abused and disrupted the eco system in our bodies by taking too many pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics and eating the wrong foods.

We need to fix our internal environment. Eat less processed foods and include probiotics in your diet.

Did You Know that about 80% of your immune system comes from your small intestine? The cells in the lining of the intestine form a barrier that selects what gets inside the body and what stays outside the body. When we consume the wrong foods, over the counter meds, and prescription drugs, including antibiotics, we break down the barrier which causes a “leaky gut”.

Ever wonder why more and more people and children have asthma? Always look to the gut. Everyone in your family should take a probiotic daily, even babies. Keeping your digestive system healthy is the key to boosting your immune system.

A Health Immune System is a MUST HAVE for a Healthy You!

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