New Ways To Achieve The Fountain Of Youth

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New Ways To Achieve The Fountain Of Youth

Natural Anti-Aging Solutions

I’m always looking for new ways to the fountain of youth through natural anti-aging solutions. I mean really, who doesn’t want extra energy, a sharper mind and a fitter, healthier body? Over the years working as an alternative health care physician, I’ve learned that anti-aging products and services often make BIG promises, generate a lot of hype…and then fail to deliver miserably. There are tried and true principles and cutting edge techniques you can use to tap into the fountain of youth.

Here are some of the best ways I have found to stay fitter, more relaxed, happier, sharper and generally youthful at heart.

You Need To Exercise

But not too much or too hard. You want to maintain muscle mass prevent, bone loss, and keep your body fit. Did you know extreme exercise can cause your body to age faster? This is due to oxidative stress that harms your cells. The added stress also wears out your joints, muscles and ligaments. I recommend exercise bands for a quick convenient full body workout. Yoga, pilates and power walking are also a great way to stay fit.

Get A Handle On Stress

Stress ages you faster than anything. It is one of the top causes of physical and mental disease. It drains your energy, your strength and steals that youthful spark. Unfortunately some stress is inevitable. Just remember it’s all about balance. Try getting regular massages. LAUGH! Educate yourself on drug-free ways to get more sleep. I recommend a fabulous homeopathic remedy called Field Of Flowers for stress. I carry it in my office. Having problems sleeping? I also carry a great homeopathic product that will get you to sleep fast and safely.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

Eat good fats and carbohydrates. Healthy fats include extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, fish and krill oil, and organic pasture-based butter. And above all limit your refined grains and sugars. I recommend a great book about how grains damage our brain; it’s called “Grain Brain” by David Pertmutter MD.

Monitor Your Heart

Remember heart disease is still the #1 killer of men and woman in the United States. It’s a sneaky little bugger because it affects those who look healthy and those who are young and old. I recommend COQ10 and Vitamin E for maintaining a healthy heart.

Vacation Regularly

It’s crucial to maintaining good health. There have been studies done that found women who took vacations two times per year were eight times less likely to have a heart attack than women who only vacationed once every six years.

Keep Your Hormones Working

Nothing makes a woman or man feel old or more tired than hormones that have slowed down. I don’t recommend risky synthetic hormones, however Bio-Identical hormones may offer a short-term or long term solution. I know they have received mixed reviews from the press but integrative doctors are starting to recommend them for both safety and effectiveness. Check out the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine for more information.

Give Your Complexion An Uplift But Avoid Nips, Tucks And Injections

I recommend getting regular facials with a licensed esthetician. You want to make sure they use a natural skin care line so I would call ahead before making an appointment. There is a company that I like that has fabulous skin care products called Anakiri at Give them a try!

Want Youthful Skin?

Drink half your body weight in ounces of pure water. Chose spring, filtered or purified water but make sure you drink it. Having problems with going to the bathroom when you drink too much water? I have a great homeopathic product that helps your body absorb the water. It called Rehydration.

It’s inevitable that we are going to get a little saggier and a bit grayer around the edges but our bodies are designed to heal and our minds and hearts should actually get wiser, better and lighter with age.

Shouldn’t the path to staying youthful be a healing, enlightening and holistic experience?
I think so!

Call Dr. Linda today at 773.922.6672 to make your appointment and Achieve The Fountain Of Youth!


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