Once I go to the Chiropractor do I always have to go?
The answer is no. You do not have to go for the rest of your life. We feel that the more education we can give our patients they will choose to maintain their health. Your care is part of a healthy life style, just like nutrition and exercise. Maintaining a healthy nervous system at Tree of Life Health Center will help strengthen the immune system and improve your quality of life as the years go on.

I am afraid, does Chiropractic hurt?
As part of each exam, we determine if you are a candidate for care. We have many ways that we can adjust people. We adjust newborn babies, athletes, and sturdy people to very frail people. You may be sore the next day following your first adjustment, but the more water you drink, the less soreness you will feel.

I am not in pain why should I see a Chiropractor?
If you wait until you are in pain, the problem has been around a long time and can take awhile to get through the phases of care. If we can do an exam, take an x-ray and determine strengths and weaknesses BEFORE you fall apart…we just may avoid the inevitable PAIN from ruining a day or 10 of your life. This is similar to waiting until you have a heart attack to eat well and exercise!!!! That sounds crazy, but it is the same thing.

Can the Tree of Life Health Center help my children?
Tree of Life Health Center has families that have been adjusted since birth!! Actually…the children have been receiving the benefits of Chiropractic care since conception!! Families understand that including Chiropractic care as well as regular exercise, perfect nutrition helps their children feel great!!

How Does Naprapathic Medicine Differ From Chiropractic?
Chiropractic approach is based on the subluxation theory: bones that are out of alignment are realigned by high velocity techniques. Naprapathic Medicine is based on the belief that it is the muscle, ligament, or tendon that holds and moves the bone, so they have to be balanced for the bones to be aligned. This allows for the slow, gentle movements to stretch the tensed, contracted tissue to relieve your pain.

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