Are You Suffering from Headaches? The Tree of Life Health Center CAN help!

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Are You Suffering from Headaches? The Tree of Life Health Center CAN help!

Are you suffering from headaches, Tree of Life Health Center Can Help You

Seasonal allergies, stress, and the weather have been bringing a lot of headache sufferers to our office.

Whether these headaches are related to sinus congestion, muscle tension, hormone shifts or food sensitivities, the Tree of Life Health Center has a lot of tools to address the underlying causes.

Headaches can interfere with sleep and affect your energy levels, mood and appetite, even work productivity. We have found that most people are reluctant to rely on pain relievers and really do want to get to the cause!

How we can help:

Bio-energetic/Nutritional Therapy-

some headaches are caused by sensitivities to foods or chemicals, even blood sugar or hormone imbalances. These can be corrected by choosing the right nutritional supplements to restore balance to the system as well as by modifying the diet.

Massage Therapy–

if tension in the muscles surrounding the neck and shoulders is the primary finding, then massage work encourages the muscles to relax and along with some gentle stretching techniques the tension is reduced or relieved.

Chiropractic/Naprapathic care–

headaches arising from the cervical spine (either stiffness or restriction) are often resolved with a chiropractic/naprapathic adjustment.

We do offer consultations to find out if any of these options may be right for you. Dr. Linda is available to help you discuss your options. The charge is $20 for a 15 minute consultation. Call 773-385-9432 to schedule a consultation.


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