9 Essentials for Happy Children

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9 Essentials for Happy Children

  • Eating Healthy – heavily processed diets are one of the main causes of mood swings and depression in children.
  • Eating on Time – If a child goes too long without eating it may lead to fluctuations in blood sugar. This leads to irritability.
  • Good Sleep – When kids do not get enough sleep it can lead to mood swings. Children 5-12 need about 10-11 hrs. of sleep. No TV computer or cell phones in the bedroom. Make the room as dark as possible.
  • Free Play – Unstructured play for kids is important for building imaginations and relieving stress. Try not to sign up your kids for too many activities. They need to play tag or hide an seek too.
  • Express Emotions – Kids need to express their emotions. Keeping emotions bottled up is bad for adults as well as kids.
  • Making Decisions – Kids are told everyday what to do so let them make a few daily decisions on their own. Ex: deciding what to wear or eat or what activity they would like to do.
  • Feel Heard – Pay attention when your kids are talking to you. Making eye contact will let them know you’re interested in what they’re saying and will build up their confidence greatly.
  • Unconditional Love – Kids make mistakes. They need to know they are still loved when they mess up.
  • Be Happy– You are your child’s biggest role model so be happy. If you’re happy they’ll be happy.

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